Sex Toys for Women

Women have access to 1000's of different sex toys at their fingertips that they can choose from which is why we wanted to create an online sex toy store to feature some of the best, luxurious, safe, award winning sexy and kinky sex toys for women, in one place.

The most common sex toys for women are vibrators for their g-spot (yes, it exists) or clit, finger toys, rabbits, dildos and anal sex toys. Companies are producing innovative and stylish sex toys for women to keep up with the ever-evolving market of achieving mind-blowing orgasms with the help of sex toys. With the variety of products in the market place, we decided to help make things easier for women in deciding the right sex toy they should pick. As a sex positive couple, we decided that we will also include sex toys for Lesbians and Bi-Sexual women. While Lesbian Couples or Bi-Sexual females can use all sex toys for women there are sex toys that are created just for them.

Thrill, Sex Toy for Women, We-Vibe Our newest and sexiest Sex Toy for Women is the Thrill by We-Vibe. This will make a fantastic gift - be it valentines, birthday, anniversary or Just because.

This new vibrator is a Clit and Vaginal combo that delivers poweful senstaion via 8 different modes. With an ergonamic design, this sex toy can stay inside your lover while both her hands can be free to explore you or herself while she enjoys the intense pleasure of the Thrill. This sex toy is currently only available in Ruby. Buy this today for your lover and save $44 off retail (while supplies last).

Lelo Mahana Duo Vibrator for Women LELO is one of the leading brands that produces Luxury Sex Toys for Women. While most of LELO's products cost over $100, the Mahana is a duo vibrator that is priced well (at just about $50) yet does not skip on the luxury feel that you expect from LELO. This vibrator is perfect for the woman who likes to or would like to experience her g-spot, vagina and clit stimulated at the same time.

The Mahana features 12 different vibrations with multiple speed levels to control intensity to satisfy most women.

At Kinky Kupid, we recognize that every woman is beautiful, sexy and unique. If you are looking for a sexy, slutty or kinky gift for your lover you have come to the right place. You will find here the best sex toys for women from leading manufacturers like California Exotic Novelties, Pipedream Products, Kama Sutra, LELO, Doc Johnson among others that can help you start, rekindle or help continue to keep the fire in your sex life burning. We want you to get comfortable, browse our products, ask questions and get kinky.

If you are looking to get a little more kinky, we have a collection of Fetish Sex Toys for Women to help you explore a side that you did not think existed. Get tied up with Rope or spanked with our paddles. Have your lover handcuff you, or use ankle cuffs before a tickle session. You can also use restraint kits for more submissive session. If you are the dominant partner, check out some high quality whips and leashes. For those women looking for something more, try our nipple or clit clamps. These kinky sex toys for women will get you charged up and going for hours.

For our Lesbian and Bi-Sexual customers, we have a variety of double sided dildos and dongs, strapons for women and strapon harnesses for women.

If you are here to buy a sex toy for yourself, we welcome you. We are proud to have you shop with us and support your choice of kink, whatever that may be. You can be rest assured that by shopping with us, we are only going to encourage you to get kinkier. You will find that most of the products displayed on our site have earned awards for design, comfort and safety by the industry. Most of our products are also made in the U.S.A.

Advice for Men buying Sex Toys for Women

Men, don't buy a sex toy for your lover if you don't already have an idea of what she may like. For example: If you end up buying her an anal sex toy without ever discussing anal sex, you will end up wasting your money. If she likes strong vibrators, a dildo or a dong is not going to do it for her. If you know your lovers likes and dislikes when it comes to sex toys, then get as adventurous here as you want. If you have no idea what type of sex toy she would like, before buying anything, we encourage you to talk to her prior to spending money anywhere. Come back to our site together and look at products, see what she thinks might be hot, gets curious about or just flat out dislikes. Check out our sex toys for beginners if both of you don't have much experience using toys. We have a variety of romantic products and entry level sex toys that can get you both started on the road to becoming kinky. Remember: Take yourself out of the equation when buying a sex toy for your lover. Itís not about what you want to see her do, itís about what she will enjoy doing. Itís a gift that if picked correctly will pay you dividends over the long run. If you are confused, ask us. Thatís what we are here for.

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