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Kinky Sex Toys for Women

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VIBRATORS for Women 1000's of them

We have the most popular vibrators for women at deep discounts in stock and ready to ship. G-Spot. Classic. Rabbit. Pocket. Whatever suits your fancy. Find your next favorite vibrating sex toy

sexy vibrators for women

Best Vibrators for Women

Unplugged Magic Wand

Vibratex Magic Wand Unplugged Rechargeable

The Magic Wand has been a best selling vibrator for women providing millions of orgasms for years. This womans sex toy can be unplugged and the battery can be recharged unlike the older version.

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Rabbit vibrator for women

Body Safe, Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator

WE-Vibe's NOVA is 100% waterproof and body safe vibrator for women. Charge this rabbit vibrator with a USB and use it's 10 different vibrations on your clit and g-spot at the same time.

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luxury vibrator for women

Lelo Ina Wave Rechargeable Vibrator

This luxury vibrator for women is inspired by the caress of a lover's fingers inside you, as it surges with a natural 'come-hither' motion to massage your G-Spot. 100% Waterproof & Body Safe.

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kinky vibrator for women

kinky bdsm sex toys for women

Your most Kinky Desires Unleashed

Kinky Sex Toys is what we do best. Unleash the godess and explore your hidden, kinky desires without fear of being judged. BDSM Sex Toys for Women will have you re-define the way you achieve orgasm.

bdsm sex toys available

Best BDSM & Kinky Sex Toys for Women

kinky bed restraint system

Kinky Bondage Bed Restraint System

Turn your bed into a kinky bondage restraint system anytime your kinky heart desires. Please the straps under the mattress and create a safe, yet kinky play ground immediately.

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kinky hand cuffs for women

Use Hand Cuffs. And your imagination

Add some excitement to your normal repertoire of moves and use handcuffs on your lover. Or have your lover cuff you up. Let your imagination run wild and push the boundaries.

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cordless nipple clamp ring

Cordless, Vibrating Nipple clamps.

Take your kinky nipple play to a whole new level with this cordless and vibrating nipple clamp. This best seller BDSM sex toy for women can be used discreetly to keep yourself aroused all the time.

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strap ons for women

Kinky Strap On toys for Women

Get your strap on today. Dominate your lover, male or female and get kinky.

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Popular Dildos for Women Because sometimes you just need to love yourself

Over 1800 Dildos and Dongs will keep you going for a long time. Variety of sizes, colors and length to satisfy you. Again. And Again.

dildos for women

Kinky Dildos for Women

king cock dildo

King Cock 15" Dildo with Balls

Best selling Dildo for women. King Cock Dildos are the next best thing than having a real cock to play with. Don't believe us? Get one and you will Thank us.

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suction cup dildo

Vibrating, Suction Cup, Waterproof Dildo

Tantus's Sam is available in two colors. This is a popular woman's dildo becuase this comes with a waterproof vibrator AND a suction cup. Stick it on the wall and go to town.

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chubby dildo for women

It's not the size that matters

This chubby little dildo is perfect for everyone. You don't have to worry about the length but wait till you experience it's girth. Since you control this sex toy, do as you please.

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double penetrator dildo for women

When one is just not enough.

This double penetratring dildo is perfect for those kinky times when you want to have the feeling of being full. Available in two colors.

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Adult Toys for Women is a necessity in every bedroom. It is a fact that majority of us women do not climax during actual intercourse. That is why womens sex toys are designed to help us reach orgasm, either during intercourse, before or after. With over 10K adult toys, ranging from basic vibrators for new users to extremely kinky BDSM toys for advanced users, you can find anything your heart desires to wet your appetite.

The fun part of owning sex toys is that you can use it whenever you want. Depending on how dirty you want to be, you can carry them with you or have it inside you while you go about doing your business at work or home. There are plenty of stimulators for women that can be used discreetly like ben-wa balls, butt plugs, nipple rings and remote controlled vibrators that can provide erotic sensations throughout the day.

At Kinky Kupid, we recognize that every woman is beautiful, sexy and unique. If you are looking for a sexy, slutty or kinky gift for your lover you have come to the right place. You will find here the best sex toys for women from leading manufacturers like California Exotic Novelties, Pipedream Products, Kama Sutra, LELO, Doc Johnson among others that can help you start, rekindle or help continue to keep the fire in your sex life burning. We want you to get comfortable, browse our products, ask questions and get kinky.

Tips for Buying Sex Toys for Women as a Gift

Buying an adult toy for your wife or girlfriend is so much fun. You know that it’s a gift that will keep on giving. However, you want to make sure that you are buying a sex toy with her pleasure in mind, especially if it’s a surprise.

Cheap is not necessarily good – There are a lot of cheap sex toys available online. The problem is that a lot of the deeply discounted adult products, unless they are backed by known manufacturers, are just crappy Chinese products and replicas of more expensive products. Sex Toys, when all things considered, are not really that expensive even if it’s priced at over $100. The reason why we believe that, is because you are paying for a quality product that you will put inside your body. And depending on how often you use them and take care of them, it might last you for a while. You are investing in your own sexual health. Don’t go the cheap route.

Only buy sex toys that are body safe. Body safe adult toys are made with high quality silicone. Silicone’s compounds allow sex toys to be more durable, flexible, hypoallergenic and nonporous.

Communicate with your partner to understand what she might like to use. Check out all the options we have and ask her how she feels about certain toys. You might be surprised to find out that she really does not want a 15” dildo to play with but is really interested in a double dildo. Or that she is curious about BDSM toys. Without communication, you are shooting in the dark as to what she might like. If you want to surprise her, the best sex toy to buy for her is a vibrator. You just cannot go wrong with that decision.

When you buy sex toys, you also want to buy lubricants as well, unless you already have a decent stock at home. The last thing you want is that when you give the gift to your significant other and she wants to use it but needs lube, especially for anal sex toys, you don’t have any. Talk about a downer. Don’t be a downer.

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