Condoms are essential for men and women if you are going to engage in any type of sexual activity. Most people only think of condoms as an effective birth control measure. While it is true, a condom is also important for your sexual health as you are able to protect yourself from acquiring STDs. Condoms are available in various size, colors, flavors (yes, flavored condoms are a thing) and material.

Condoms generally are made with latex. It is important to know that you should not use oil based lubricants with latex condoms. The oil in the lubricant has the potential to damage the condom which can cause pregnancy and/or sexually transmitted diseases. It can also cause the condom to become so slippery that the condom may slip off and you might not know in the heat of the situation. We recommend water based lubricants for latex condoms. Condoms can be applied to both men and women. You should always have condoms on you because you never know when you might be in a situation that you may need one. Safe sex should be a priority for your sexual health. You can also use condoms on your vibrators or dildos especially if you plan on using that sex toy with your partner. Condom use for anal sex is a must – at least that’s our position.

Flavored condoms are most commonly used for oral sex. Large condom manufacturers started producing flavored condoms so that when engaging in oral sex, the partner giving tastes something better than latex in their mouth. Most common flavors available for condoms are fruit based.