Anal Sex Desensitizers

Anal Desensitizers are used by men, women and couples that engage in anal sex to help make the encounter more comfortable. To use Anal Desensitizers, make sure that first you have cleaned your anal area thoroughly.Anal Desensitizers can be liquid or gel – make sure you apply it liberally. Be aware that the job of desensitizers are to numb your anal area so that anal sex or anal play will not hurt. Using Anal desensitizers can actually hurt you if you are not careful because you will be numb to the pain that otherwise would cause you to stop anal play.

We only recommend anal desensitizers for men, women and couples who are experienced with anal sex or with the use of anal sex toys. If you plan on having anal sex or enjoy anal play with anal toys like butt plugs, anal beads, glass anal toys, anal vibrators, or prostate stimulators, you should use desensitizers. If you are just kissing or licking the anal area, then these products are not required. However, we highly suggest that you and your partner shower and ensure you are clean before engaging in any anal licking of kissing. Kinky Kupid carries products from leading manufacturers like California Exotics Novelties, Pipedream Products, Topco, Pjur Group, Megasol and several others.

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