Anal Enemas & Douches

Anal Enema is distilled and purified water that is put into the anus and held for a few minutes. It can then be released from the anus. Enema's are commonly used as anal cleanser before engaging in anal sex. Enemas and Douches are very common with anyone that has anal sex regularly. Enemas and Douches are very commonly used for gay sex, however a lot of straight guys use them for anal play. Just because you like to get involved with anal play does not automatically make you gay. It is suggested to wait for 45 minutes to an hour after an Enema before involving with any anal play or anal sex. Anal Douches are very similar to an Enema - the only difference is that one has a tube and one has a bag of water going up your anus. Both, Enemas and Douches essentially help you clean your insides before engaging in any anal play i.e. rim jobs or sex.

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