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With over 10,000 sex toys dedicated for women, we have one of the most comprehensive collection in one place for you. Picking the ideal sex toy can become extremely overwhelming. Quickly. To make you life easier, we feature some of the best, luxurious, safe, award winning sexy and kinky adult products for you, in one place.

The most popular type of sex toy purchased for ladies, either as gifts or for personal use is a vibrator. Vibrators are unique since they are available in many different forms, sizes, texture and color. If you have never used a vibrator before or are relatively inexperienced when it comes to using vibrators, we highly recommend reading this article about vibrators. Vibrators for women can provide intense orgasms by either just focusing on the g-spot (yes, it exists), clit or you can use a variety of different rabbit style vibrators to massage both at once.

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Lelo is a luxury vibrator manufacturer

Sexy & Sophisticated

LELO is one of the most popular manufacturer of luxury vibrators. Over 100 sexy and sophisticated products from Lelo are available for you today. If you don't know Lelo. You don't know sex toys.

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G-Spot Vibrators provide the maximum pleasure

Naughty & Wild

G-Spot Vibrators are for those that are curious about their own G-Spots. Take charge of your sexuality and explore.

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Hitachi Magic Wand Original

Personal Massager

If you have never used the original Hitachi Magic Wand, then you are missing out. This is a powerful massager that will take you from 0 to Orgasm at light speed.

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You are beautiful, sexy and unique. Your sexual needs and wants depends on the state of mind you are in. You might be in the mood for something sexy one day. Something slutty another day. Or something kinky that pushes your limits.

With you in mind, we feature one of the biggest collection of the best adult toys and novelties created for women by leading manufacturers and pioneers of the adult toy industry like California Exotic Novelties, Pipedream Products, Kama Sutra, LELO, Doc Johnson .

If you are looking to get a little more kinky, we have a collection of Fetish Sex Toys for Women to help you explore a side that you did not think existed. Get tied up with Rope or spanked with our paddles. Have your lover handcuff or wrist cuff you, or use ankle cuffs before a tickle session. You can also use restraint kits for more submissive session. If you are the dominant partner, check out some high quality whips and leashes. For those women looking for something more, try our nipple or clit clamps. These kinky sex toys for women will get you charged up and going for hours.

Fetish & Kinky

Fetishes. Welcome

Whatever your Fetish, here you don't have to hide. In fact, with several thousand festish adult toys, all we need is your openess to try something new.

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Anal toys can be exciting ways to jump start a boring sex life


Anal Sex is still considered taboo with most couples. Break away from the usual and try something completely different. Never stop exploring.

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We-Vibe Touch For Women

Touch Yourself

Touch by We Vibe is a game changer for clit massagers. This sensually built vibrator packs a punch that you can control based on your mood. You might even see the stars.

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Masturbation is part of womens sex health

Single. In a Relationship. Sex Toys for Masturbation.

Regardless of your relationship status, focusing and your sexual health is extremely important. If you are a single woman, adult sextoys and novelties can help you from sexual frustration. Reaching orgasm through self pleasure is an amazing experience because you know what you like and want. You can experiment with toys that you may not be comfortable using in front of a new partner. Self discovery is the best way to expand your own sexual horizons. Many people are afraid of talking about what they might want to try with their partners for fear of being judged. You can be single or in a relationship, you should take this opportunity to check out all types of sex toys for yourself to push you own boundaries. Ever wonder what it would feel like using a vibrator on your clit while having an anal plug in your behind? Well, what are you waiting for. Take yourself to new heights and explore your own sexuality while expanding your sexual horizons.

Men, don't buy a sex toy for your lover if you don't already have an idea of what she may like. For example: If you end up buying her an anal sex toy without ever discussing anal sex, you will end up wasting your money. If she likes strong vibrators, a dildo or a dong is not going to do it for her. If you know your lovers likes and dislikes when it comes to sex toys, then get as adventurous here as you want. If you have no idea what type of sex toy she would like, before buying anything, we encourage you to talk to her prior to spending money anywhere. Come back to our site together and look at products, see what she thinks might be hot, gets curious about or just flat out dislikes. Check out our sex toys for beginners if both of you don't have much experience using toys. We have a variety of romantic products and entry level sex toys that can get you both started on the road to becoming kinky. Remember:  Take yourself out of the equation when buying a sex toy for your lover. It’s not about what you want to see her do, it’s about what she will enjoy doing. It’s a gift that if picked correctly will pay you dividends over the long run. If you are confused, ask us. That’s what we are here for.

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